The Spectacular Fantastic is back with another crunchy, catchy, twangy album full of the 
sugary hooks that you have come to expect from the Cincinnati-based power pop project.

Seven years since the last release on 75orlessRecords (Consume/Reward) have left the band
plenty of time to refine and hone their heartland honesty and melodic sound. From the instantly
memorable “Without You,” to the back porch strumming of “It's So Hard,” The Spectacular 
Fantastic cover a dizzying array of sounds and styles with the new album, Circling The Sun.

With influences running the gamut from the Elephant 6 Collective, to classic rock in the vein 
of Neil Young, to the powerful pop of Big Star, TSF will assure listeners a diverse voyage into 
the history of pop-leaning-rock with unique twists and choruses that sound familiar and new at once.

The current incarnation of the band consists of Mike Detmer and Jonathan Williams. Each member 
adds to the instrumentation and production of the new album while Dave Davis handled the mastering duties.